Sunday, 17 October 2010

Austin to Dallas

Well here I am in a Holiday Inn in Dallas and the tour is now over  - the bikes are handed back and the mileage was 2805 - not bad for 14 days.  Today we just blasted up the Interstate (35) to Dallas about 200 miles - stopped at Waco but didnt meet any Branch Davidians, then came into Dealey Plaza to look at where JFK was shot - its very interesting looking at the trajectories from the 6th Floor window and also the infamous grassy knoll.
Tonight we have our goodbye dinner which will be strange but on the plus side Gary is coming to the UK in November and I have asked him to stay.......

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  1. Ian that sounds like a great trip. When Gary comes to the UK, tell him we have our own Arsenal (the football kind) so he doesn't need to bring his own! Seeing where Kennedy was shot must have been fascinating!